Alia Cup is a Made in Italy reusable menstrual cup designed to collect menstrual flow in a convenient and healthy way. Alia Cups are made of high-quality, medical-grade silicone, a soft, hypoallergenic material that prevents any itching, irritation and allergic reactions.
It’s eco-friendly
È davvero ecologica
Ti fa sentire libera fino a 10 ore
It sets you free for up to 10 hours
Ideal for sport
È ideale per chi pratica sport
Puoi utilizzarla al mare o in piscina
You can use it at the sea and in the swimming pool
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alia cone

Alia Cone is a water-repellent cardboard sterilized cone that allows you to urinate in a standing position without getting dirty or coming into contact with germs and bacteria.
Alia Cone is leak-free and shaped to fit the female body. This pack contains: 6 Alia Cone individually wrapped and sterilized.

Essential when use public restrooms
Nei bagni sporchi
In viaggio
Comfortable on a trip
Comfortable during pregnancy
In gravidanza
Ai concerti

Useful for concerts and in free time