Disposable device to pee standing up

Alia Cone is a water-repellent cardboard sterilized cone that allows you to urinate in a standing position without getting dirty or coming into contact with germs and bacteria.
Alia Cone is leak-free and shaped to fit the female body.

This pack contains: 6 Alia Cone individually wrapped and sterilized for unbeatable hygiene and safety.

When it is useful?

  • Alia-cone-cono-pipi-per-bagni-pubblici

    essential in public restrooms

  • Alia-cone-coni-pipi-per-donne-in-viaggio

    useful for trips

  • Alia-cone_cono-pipi-per-donne-in-gravidanza

    comfortable in pregnancy

  • Alia-cone-cono-pipi-donne-per-concerto-eventi

    useful for concerts and free time

How to use Alia Cone?

Lay out your Alia Cone

Press on the sides

Rest it on your intimates parts and direct the spout

Once used, throw it into the bin