Certified medical platinum silicone hygienic cup

Alia Cup is a Made in Italy reusable hygienic cup designed to collect menstrual flow in a convenient and healthy way. Alia Cups are made of high-quality, medical-grade silicone, a soft, hypoallergenic material that prevents any itching, irritation and allergic reactions. Alia Cup is reusable and perfectly shaped to fit women’s body.
Every pack contains 1 Alia Cup, cotton bag and instructions in 5 languages.

Alia Cup - coppetta mestruale in silicone platinico - made in italy

What are the advantages?

  • È davvero ecologica

    It's really ecological

  • Ti fa sentire libera fino a 10 ore

    It makes you feel free at most 10 hours

  • È ideale per chi pratica sport

    Ideal for who practises sport

  • Puoi utilizzarla al mare o in piscina

    You can use it at the sea and in the swimming pool

How to use Alia Cup?

Fold your Alia Cup once

Fold it a second time

Insert it easy as show

Remove after 8-10 hours, empty and replace after having rinsed and dried it