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Disposable device to pee standing up

alia cone

Alia Cone is the water-repellent, sterilized, practical and hygienic cardboard cone that allow you to comfortably peeing on your feet, without getting dirty and without getting in contact with the microbes present in the bathroom. Its particular cone shape perfectly adapts to the anatomy of the female body and prevents any leakage of pee.

 When it is useful?

Nei bagni sporchi

Essential when use public restrooms

In viaggio

Comfortable on a trip

In gravidanza

Comfortable during pregnancy

Ai concerti

Useful for concerts and free time

How to use Alia Cone?

Lay out your Alia Cone
Premilo ai lati
Press on the sides
Appoggialo alle parti intime e indirizza il beccuccio
Rest it on your intimate parts and direct the spout
Dopo l'uso gettalo nel cestino
Once used, throw it into the bin