Certified medical grade platinum silicone hygienic cup


Alia Cup is a Made in Italy reusable hygienic cup designed to collect menstrual flow in a convenient and healthy way. Alia Cups are made of high-quality, medical-grade silicone, a soft, hypoallergenic material that prevents any itching, irritation and allergic reactions.

 Alia Cup is reusable and perfectly shaped to fit women’s body.

How to use Alia Cup?

Piega la coppetta

Fold Alia Cup

Fold it another time 

Gently open your labia with you free hand, and insert Alia Cup in your vagina

Empty Alia Cup once every 8 hours

How to choose your Alia Cup?

Alia Cup Taglia M

Alia Cup is aviable in two sizes, based on the age:

M size For women under the age of 30, who have nerver had a vaginal birth.

L size For women  aged at least 30 and women of all ages who have had at least one vaginal birth.