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Alia Easy: menstrual cup sterilizer

alia easy sterilizzatore per coppetta

Alia Easy is the cup sterilizer which is also used in the microwave. Thanks to its size, it is compatible not only with both sizes of Alia Cup, but also with all menstrual cups on the market.

When use Alia Easy?

alia easy sterilizzatore in microonde

In the microwave to sterilize the menstrual cup between one cycle and another.


As a container to store the cup when not in use.

sterilizzatore alia easy al posto del pentolino

Instead of the saucepan, pouring boiling water inside to sterilize the Alia Cup.

When it is useful Alia Easy?

Insert Alia Cup inside Alia Easy.
Pour some water until it completely covers your Alia Cup and close the lid.
Heat Alia Easy in the microwave at a full power for about 2 minutes and then wait a couple of minutes before taking it out carefully.
Empty the water and after a few seconds take your perfectly sterilized Alia Cup out.